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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 9, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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plan on expanding in menlo park. that could mean more traffic and that is not a good thing. the company has
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started moving in its east bay facilities. 9400 employees to be at both campuses the believe that is an excellent opportunity for economic growth and job creation in the area, local businesses and services will see benefits from having a good neighbor and facebook right here in menlo park. >>justine: the controversy that is growing--growing says that this will cause more major traffic problems we have more with what the city plans to do to ease the congestion. >>reporter: menlo park environmental impact report says that there will be traffic delays if improvements are not made immediately especially when the west campus for facebook opens and three years. a spokesperson said the key i are found 10 impacted intersections. >> those intersections deny
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have control over like outran, or the ones not in our jurisdiction we cannot call them < significant. the applicant has agreed to numerous measures to reduce the traffic impact. finally add the part of the east campus proposal there is a vehicular cap that will limit the daily trips to 15,000 and there is a peak hour limitation of 2600 for the evening in the morning. >>reporter: facebook east campus on willow road has already open and all employees will be moved in by december 19th. residents who attended the meeting said they did not notice an increase in traffic get. >> i believe this would do everything they can to cut down on the traffic so does not impact the community that much. i am in support of this project. wanted in the black friday shooting at the wal-mart in san leandro is now in
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custody. that is after a six hour standoff with the police. he was held up in sight of the house in east oakland yesterday before surrendering. according to say that what to lead allegedly shot and wounded a man during the course of an attempted robbery in the early morning hours of black friday. shot in in the neck and rushed into surgery the victim of that black friday shooting told us his side of the story. >>reporter: the scar on christopher mo lead arillo been shot in the's vanneck is raw and--sklar on his that is raw and fresh. it has left him with nerve damage, like a feeling in his hands, damage to his vocal cord and he has to use a cane to walk. >> i used to be a mechanic and now i cannot do that because i have no strength
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and my right arm and i cannot feel my fingers. >>reporter: his two cousins were with him the night of the shooting and they tackled one of the shooters. split second were fighting for our lives we did not know they would take us out. >>reporter: his mother was also out shopping on black friday she saw the lights and the commotion and had no idea that was her son that was shot. >> i have my christmas for the rest of my life right here my family, my son. >>reporter: lewis family is also looking for someone who of limerick removed they are calling their angel a woman came to his side when he was shot and applied pressure to the wounded and stayed there until help arrives. they want to meet her personally.
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>>justine: the baby was shot at a rap video and oakland will likely be removed from life-support today. doctors confirmed that there was no brain activity. there is one more test that will happen this morning that is for one year old hiram lawrence, the little boy was shot in the head on over and 28. six other people or also heard police have detained several people interest but have not filed any charges. let us talk to eric about the colts have jurors and find out what is in store for the weekend. in the morning. >>erica: good morning justine we have a lot to talk about right now. we are seeing some patchy fog formed in the north bay valleys. i just checked with the national weather service said it looked like they're contending with freezing fog in santa rosa. we have very chilly temperatures as the star of the morning. as we head into the afternoon this is very similar to what we saw yesterday everyone is hovering around 60 degree
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mark. as we head into the weekend and have a 20 percent chance of showers. the assistant to the numbers outside. take a look at santa rosa it just hit the freezing mark. very cold temperatures persist up to the north bay is a little bit warmer for the bay locations. take a look at oakland. as we take these numbers into the afternoon, we have very similar conditions compared to what we saw yesterday. everyone for the most part are in the upper fifties and low 60s. 65 degrees is one of the warmer spots checking in mountain view, and 57 out and antioch. up to the north bay we may be a couple degrees warmer compared to yesterday. >>erica: turning our
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attention to satellite and radar we're dealing with clear and dry conditions over the bay area. the have high pressure in place that will eventually break down. by 9:00 a.m. on sunday we have the potential for some wet weather reaching the north bay. as we advance the car close to 12:00 p.m. much time, what weather is persisting through santa rosa even portions along the peninsula and the coastline. the rain becomes widespread but like in nature as we head into the late afternoon and evening hours. taking a 8:00 p.m. sunday, it looks like everyone is getting healthy dose of the wet weather. your seven day around the forecast shows what whether potentially on tap for sunday judging into monday but before we get there we will deal with the very cold and frigid temperatures for the rest of the day. heading into the--tomorrow, is very mild but it will get chilly in the overnight hours. taking a mature in the
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hours. the time right now is seven minutes after 4:00 a.m. time to check on traffic with no hot spots to tell you about. the bay bridge have--plaza has a nice and easy ride there are no cars within the camera shot so it is a very easy ride here, checking in on conditions in the east bay, highway 4 is moving well. everyone is moving at top speed along the shore freeway. >>justine: we will have a lot more ahead on the kron4 morning news on this friday morning. we will get a live look outside right now. we will be right back.
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>>justine: the list of bay area stores that have been affected with the debit and credit machines at lucky stores has grown to 24. the time right now is 12 minutes after 4:00 a.m., stay with us will be right back. santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent. but anyone can help a foster child.
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>>justine: new details about the deadly shooting at virginia tech. we're learning more about our man who walked up and opened fire. the officer that was killed has been identified as a 39 year-old army veteran and a father of five. he joined the campus police in 2007 just after 32 people died in a mass shooting on campus. it is believed it had to--it is believe that yesterday's
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gunman took his own life. >>reporter: the survey regional park police are looking for leads in this case, right here along the delta de anza regional trail the police say the assault talk that was not a rape happened between clearland drive and bailey rode on this paved portion of the trail. they said woman was walking home and according to the cops a man sexually assault to this woman that on november 26th around 2:30 p.m.. police are looking for a hispanic or black male with curly black hair that comes down to his eyebrows. they said he was wearing a gray hooded sweat shirt with blue work out pants that have won a strike going down the side. you may remember earlier this summer
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there were a string of shootings along the trail but things have quieted down since then. >>justine: there is a growing concern this morning about the problem of under age prostitution in berkeley. charles clifford has been telling the american car and in the city are saying about this issue. >>reporter: orders that afternoon the berkeley police department said so for 2011 they have investigated a total of which is actually a drop from last year which were seven cases. corn to the police to have involved to and from berkeley high school and they also said that none of the alleged activity occurred on the school's campus. >> there have been no incident of prostitution a group being brokered on the berkeley high campus or even in the vicinity. >>reporter: he says while it
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is rare to find students involved in prostitution when it does happen the deal with the issue. >> that includes notifying chopper to the services, we have risen to notify law- enforcement and we have a health department that we make notice to. >>reporter: not all the calls about prostitution the to charges, but it is enough to get the attention of the city officials. he says the commission is putting together a task force to study just how big a problem under age prostitution is in the city. >> we do not know what exactly is going on that is why the task force is being put together to be able to explore this. >>justine: let us talk to erica about the cold temperatures, it feels like it is freezing out there. is
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it warmer or just as cold? >>erica: it is just as cold, as we head into the north bay was a very similar conditions. take a look at the mount tancam is definitely checking we do have the freezing temperatures in the north bay as we head into the afternoon. for the most part we will see '50s and '60s and then in the overnight hours, it will be pre calm and clear out there with everyone sitting in the 40's and '30's. right now up to santa rosa we are actually dealing with freezing fog and what that means, the droplets in the fall are actually super cooled in and freeze upon contact with objects. this could be a hazardous for plants it could ruin objects may be cars will not be able to start this morning. we will definitely keep our eye on that. santa rosa is coming in at 32 degrees there at the freezing mark. it is a frigid 27 for those in a bottle and 35 in napa
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take a look at places like downtown san francisco. as he take a look at the visibility charred it is not too bad around most of the bay area we do have some problems of the to navato where visibility is about less than 2 mi.. we could run into hazardous driving conditions but that has not been the case just yet. as we take it that the future forecast this is actually going to be the coldest hour of the morning. we have a lot of locations up to the north bay and up to santa rosa and petaluma and napa. we have now conditions for it everyone else. as we advance the clock it looks like everyone moves in the light is like fremont, view and san jose could top out at the us take in the the
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number of liberal by neighborhood clearly agree or her will is a little get cooler--let us take in the that the numbers, let us go neighborhood by neighborhood. now turning our attention to the satellite and radar we are clear over the bay area right now the conditions will certainly change as we head into the region. you see that on your extended forecast. we are talking 20% showers on sunday afternoon stretching into monday, the overnight hours, the most heart afternoon high temperatures will remain in the '50s and '60s. what we do have--we do have another slight possibility of what temperatures as we head into next week. where her the san mateo bridge ride is looking good in both directions. the
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telex outsource foster city and the golden gate bridge to check for south bound 101 we're seeing cars on the stand right now a lot of space in between them. a check from our traffic map shows all green on your screen along the bayshore freeway. speeds are over 50 mouth are there. we have no major accidents to report for interstate 2 and 0. >>justine: think you erica, the year's not over yet the 2000 letters aren't going into the record books. the united states matched all records for billion dollar weather disasters. here is catherine blue imbricate-- here is catherine heenan. >>reporter: in the spring devastating tornadoes raised through the south and midwest, and then came the flooding along the mississippi river. summer left the southwest with a
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heat wave and shout, hurricane irene blasted new england and arizona was scorched by wildfires. even the government's weather experts are impressed. >> i cannot remember a year like this when we experience record-breaking extremes of nearly every conceivable type of weather. >>reporter: texas has never had a more dry year in the northeast has never had a more wet year. people in 158 people died when jock the mausoleum was hit by the deadliest single tornado in history. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says that 12 disasters each cost more than $1 billion in damage. that is as many as the united states had in the entire decade of the 80's even taking inflation into account. from the average of 1.2 per year in the '80s, the number of the big ticket disasters rose to an average
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of 3.8 in the 1990's. or there was 4.6 in the last 10 years and 7.5 in the last two years. global warming is partly to blame but the know what administrator says that there is a simpler explanation. more people and more stuff in harm's way. >>justine: a honolulu television station is reporting that money and had--is reporting that one man had to be rescued because of a volcano. they say the rest of the neighborhood was evacuated. the fed last checked by the law was headed towards the ocean. much more ahead, we will take a break on this friday morning with a live look outside from our mount tancam. there is a little bit of shaking going on. we will talk about the windy and colder conditions. we
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will take a break and be right back.
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>>justine: an all-star cast headlines the fusible romance and a classic british spy novel is coming to life. we have a look at some of the new movies hitting theaters this weekend. >>reporter: bring in 2012 would new year's eve is a romantic comedy this star- studded capst--cast includes many big-name screw it is rated pg-13. this movie is about a former british spy that is brought out of retirement to rule out a double agent and the british secret intelligence agency.
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britishtinker taylor soldiers fight is rated r. and don't a place in a responsible college student that finds himself watching kids as a sitter he take them on a wild and dangerous route adventure through the streets of new york, the center is rated r. >>justine: there is a growing one-of-a-kind extreme adventure that has customers in a raging. it is called drive a tank. customers can not only driving military tank but crushed a car and fire awesome military great weapons. here is how you can take heart in this wild ride. >>reporter: meet flattery,--
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meet larry from a 120,000 lb. battle tank kim--hear it here, you can drive it in crushed almost anything you want. >>reporter: we are here in kasota minnesota. >>reporter: murray and her son owns seven tanks and for $500 per pop, people get the right of their life here and condemn a week and ordered him in paris. remembrances of a manhattan investment banker, i have had people come from all over it >>reporter: it tons of penn and not gone american tanks. these are 60, to $8,000 a pop. the ft >>vern: you have to be a thinker to lose and it is
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not like anyone can just come out and buy some. >>reporter: your record you have to can consider the classroom are but more of it in behind sen.--before getting behind the tank here live in the--and meet rick the driving instructor. hot issue in this is like in many a life crisis. [laughter] >>reporter: room not even give the shooting because these guns will not fire. and half of the people that come are women. >> wrote when in love or being in power. >> we had one person at him and the camels heard of a fox. >>reporter: at the end of the day, you get to do this hearing is--at the end of
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the day and you get to do this. >>justine: it actually looks like a lot of fun, let us take a quick break and we will be back with our top stories, weather and traffic right after this.
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>>justine: the morning, it is friday as he take a good look at the situation on the golden gate bridge. it's cold out there and we will talk more about the temperatures in just a minute the first our top story. it has been a difficult 11 months in office for the oakland mayor and how a second group that is trying to cover for your term short has been given the okay to start collecting signatures needed for a recall election. dan kerman spoke with the group's leader and also to the mirror to get her reaction. >>reporter: backers of the petition to jerome mayor jean quan out of office have been authorized to begin collecting signatures to
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recall her. >> she is in the steel office and i haven't drowned and repair of >>reporter: oakland resident jean hazard is spearheading the job. the petition a recall is is that the mayor has ignored the city's most pressing issue, public safety. >> i have put together i think the first comprehensive plan and it got the sign off from school different, the district attorney and the probation office to make a concentrated effort in the 100 block. >>reporter: mayor quan believes that shooting is successful on the job and has been more successful when a previous marriage. hog--she says that she fights to plan and keep her job and while upsetting, the recall is not a shock.
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>> i am personally a little bit disappointed but i am not surprised. >>reporter: supporters of the admission to will have until the middle of may to gather about 20,000 signatures if they're able to do it, the city council will have to schedule an election within 125 days. >>justine: lucky supermarkets said that it has learned of another store where someone has tampered with credit card machines. we went to the store in san leandro and we have found that some customers are taking extra precautions. >>reporter: customers were shocked to find out about the credit card and the car machines discovered in the store. >> someone going to your economic that is scary i got a new statement and i think i will go home and check it. >>reporter: this shopper says he knows some of the
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victims. >> yes i have some friends who were affected but me i have no problem. >>reporter: other shoppers say they sympathize with the victim and adding as a precaution they only pay with cash. >>reporter: you were not a victim? >> no, i deal in cash, me and my mother so we are one of the lucky ones and they can for doing this so that the public knows what is happening. >>justine: for a complete list of all the lucky stores that were affected, it can log on to our web site at it is carried 35 minutes after 4:00 a.m. and it is cold outside erica is here with the chilly temperatures. >>erica: we have encountered freezing fog, that is not the case up in santa rosa, but they definitely could be the issue when the chips is dropped. that means we
4:36 am
could see the droplets supercool and freeze on contact with object. bench is also possible war and plants can actually form on your clothing. as we take a look outside right now is a very frigid and chile 37 degrees for those in the bottle. downtown--right now it is very frigid in chile 37 degrees for those in navato. as we take a look at the visibility to our we have seen the visibility worsened compared to our last report. we have to a half miles of his ability to santa rosa and down to a quarter of a mountain of arnold. there are very hazardous driving conditions and that will probably be the case brought the rest of the morning. the good news is as we head into
4:37 am
the afternoon to see a lot of sunshine and very similar conditions to yesterday. oakland could reach 61 degrees. it could be a touch warmer than what we saw yesterday. mountain view could be one of the warmer spot coming in at 65 degrees and a visit to north they want the fog clears out you will see a lot of sunshine and for the most part to produce and the low '60's. >>erica: turning our attention to the feature forecast, we have the potential for some wet weather for reaching the north bay and as we advance the cockles of the lunchtime on the light green on your screen indicate some light rain and portions of the north along the coastline and portions of the peninsula. into the later afternoon, it becomes a little bit more widespread and maybe a little more moderate down in the south bay. we will continue to see scattered showers very persistent from most of the
4:38 am
evening and overnight hours. the kron4 seven day around the forecastles '50s and '60s for the most part as are afternoon highs. we will continue to experience some very cold mornings and sunday and monday we introduced the 20 percent chance of what weather. and then we reintroduce a chance for rain fall as we head into the middle of next week. still not tracking any hot spots and the traffic center. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza it's getting a little bit more busy. still, no metering lights to deal with and traffic is moving smoothly up the incline and across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge ride is good to go in both directions of '92. as we take out to the golden gate bridge, traffic is certainly moving at the limit. this rise clocking in at under 24 minutes coming out of navato toward san francisco. here on our traffic mass we shall peninsula conditions for the bayshore freeway. it is still looking good in both directions. i have been checking the chp traffic block we're pretty quiet on
4:39 am
interstate 280. the san mateo bridge, i shall do that. the dunbar is currently a problem for in both directions. >>justine: we will take quick break with a live look outside in san francisco on this chilly friday morning.
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>>justine: space san francisco shopping center has some high tech new features. the slate shows them to us. that i am at the was phil san francisco shopping center were now to the end of the month you can check the greatest high tech how they light show for free. perez rock this year rule the dome is being transformed into a winter wonderland visual spectacular field with music critic--filled with music.
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adults love it, kids love it is amazing and is free. the 3d light show is called illuminate under the dome, it is a magical story set by--in a 19th century play --playmakers workshop. this exhibit for the latest in a projection mapping technology. they mapped out every inch of the inside of this and don't to customize it. this high-tech visual you will not see at any other public place in the country. this is really special. [music]
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>>gabe: up the light show runs from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. nightly every half hour. in other news, i am giving away stream media poxes.--media boxes. the new roku 2 features games like angry bird, to enter to win, go to mike kron facebook page and like me. rock come from, her good luck. >>justine: time for a quick break and we come back erica will talk more about the range is expected for the weekend, stay with us.
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>>erica: we have some good news, as we head into the afternoon, a lot warmer temperatures will be revealed. as we head into the weekend we will see sunshine on saturday but there is a possibility for wet weather bay area wide for sunday to monday. but is constrained to the temperatures right outside the door. we have dropped a little bit in santa rosa below freezing at 31 degrees. it is getting very close to the freezing mark. ticket and a bottle, but it is a little bit more mild for places like downtown san francisco coming in at 47 degrees and 41 for those in redwood city. as we check out where the temperatures
4:47 am
will go for the rest of the day, the future forecast is that up for about 7:00. this indicates a mixture of 30's in the north bay everyone is running on about five. as we advance/decline closer to 11:00 a.m. you could see this indicates temperatures in a mixture of '50s and in moving our clock forward by 2:00 p.m. we will see some green on the screen up near santa rosa and plans to fight fremont and out of view indicating to teachers in the '60s. your satellite and radar shows clear and dry conditions of the bay area right now. we do still have high pressure in place as we have close to sun devil break down and we have the potential for wet weather. right now looks like a 20 percent chance of some shower activity and most of the afternoon on sunday stretches into the overnight hours on monday. for the most part, to to to hang in the '50s and '60s. we do have another chance for weather as we head into the middle of next week. as for traffic, the bay bridge
4:48 am
toll plaza is problem free this morning. there are no metering lights to deal with. the san mateo bridge ride is moving well in both directions. the problems getting to which is 14 minutes from in to end. at the ticket over to the golden gate bridge, we still see a lot of space in between cars. traffic is moving at the limit and have a quick check of south bay conditions. north bound 101 is moving pretty well with no accident to report out of the coyote valley. interstate 280 is currently problem free. the have a here of slow traffic worse each drop down to 45 mi. per hour and some of the slowest spot. >>justine: thank you, and the morgan state football player have died fred thompson was playing a game of pickup basketball on campus when he collapsed. they say he was 6 ft. 4 in 317 lbs.. we visited his high school all martyr. kron
4:49 am
room to room oakland tech high-school is mourning the loss of a beloved replace >>reporter: shrimp fred thompson was on a football scholarship and he died of a heart attack while playing basketball on wednesday. he was held in the highest regard and open tech. and his coach that the members of the football team to remember him today. >> there will never be another fred. i am not think there are many people that have that kind of charisma that is light at the world and they make you feel like everything will be all right. >> he was prepared and ready and dedicated and ready to give his all at what everyone does with vermont and anyone that you went around with him they went along for the ride to. for he is not a selfish person at all. >> i have never seen and
4:50 am
then spread all across the field that is dignity. >>reporter: thompson was an inner-city kid that overcame the death of his father as he was starting at oakland tech. >> everyone knows he did not lose focus. he stayed focused on the track. he did not lose his dream he was going to graduate from college, get in the nfl and take care of his mom that was his goal and he died trying to do that. room and not let his death go in vain that is all i am asking you guys. if you really love him and you know he wanted you guys, you keep that going in the right direction. >>reporter: roof fred thompson was four days away from celebrating his 20th birthday.
4:51 am
>>justine: in national news this morning a virginia tech police officer was killed during a routine traffic stop, police said the danger on campus is now over after the second victim identified as the gunman was found dead on campus. >>reporter: it started over the lunch hour when a kid is officer was making a routine traffic stop. the department had checked in with him to make sure that everything was ok and he said yes. minutes later when a colleague tried to talk with them again there was no answer. witnesses began calling with terrible news. >> the subject approached the officer and fired a weapon at the officer and then left the scene. >>reporter: it is a huge campus, and alerts without telling everyone to stay inside and not to move. this didn't happen to be walking by the victims squad car just moments after the shooting.
4:52 am
>> the police pulled up in the open his car door and when they opened it he fell out towards the ground in the meeting started to revive him. >>reporter: state police said the gunman apparently walked up to the officer in the parking lot and shot him, they do not think he was a person in the car that had been stopped. a second person was later found in the area of this parking lot he had also been shot and died a short time later. officer said he might have been the gunman. virginia tech has had more than its share of tragedy. five years ago was the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. 33 people died. the school's president said today that our hearts have been broken again. then >> in light of the turmoil and the tragedy suffered by this campus and buy guns, i can only say that words do not describe our feelings at this point in time. >>reporter: oddly enough the shooting happened the very same day that the virginia
4:53 am
tech officials were in washington fighting a government find from 2007. they had been accused of mishandling the blood back that year and not alerting teachers and students quickly enough. this time, the alert went out within minutes. >>justine: we will take a quick break on the kron4 morning news of the back of people behaving badly right after this.
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>>justine: there are places around the bay area will bad behavior is easy to find. this morning stanley roberts shows how easy it is to fine violators in the carpool lane. >>stanley: finding carpool violators is simple. the
4:56 am
reason this man was in the carpool lane... >> because i was late to deliver something that i needed to get down there. >>stanley: he had a california driver's license but the car was richard in new jersey that is the district violation. now watch the driver of this next car. and he tried to ignore the officer except, this is a steam, so there are more than one on the road so he gets pulled over. the driver claimed, i will let him tell you. >> i wanted to get to work on time. >>reporter: he was issued a ticket that would not only men can make for work but could end up costing him up to $500. >>reporter: this driver
4:57 am
passed on talking to be on camera but she was in the carpool lane he illegally she had to car seat but no children. when asked her why she said she was confused about the car pool time which by the weight is 7:00 a.m. to 9 m and 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. monday through friday with holidays included an almost forgot. since there was a strong odor of weed coming from the card offers a check to make sure that she was carrying a medical marijuana car and she was. and there was one driver that is behaving so badly he had this to say. >> i got caught behaving badly. >>justine: if you have any comment or story i differ stanley you can e-mail him at people behaving badly. the kron4 morning news at 5:00 a.m. will be here in
4:58 am
just three minutes, stay with us. @ñ
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[music] >> darya: 1 good morning, it is the cold out there we have a double live look at the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge. >> mark: will begin this hour about watching the weekend weather. >>erica: good morning mark i want to get straight to the numbers. take a look at santa rosa currently at 31 degrees and earlier this morning we were actually contending with some freezing fog there. we want to that brought the morning and take it that navato right at the freezing mark at 32 degrees. for most of the bay area we are in the upper '30's. as we turn our attention to the afternoon, we have very similar conditions to what we saw yesterday. everyone is hovering over the 60 degree mark give or take a few degrees. oakland to get up to about 61 degrees. up into
5:01 am
the north bay for the most part we will sit in the low 60s contending with some fog right now. we will see a lot of sunshine in from santa rosa, 63 degrees they're a pair of 64 navato and san raphael and a touch cooler than that through downtown san francisco. satellite's radar shows clear and dry conditions over the bay area right now that is because we still high see--still have high pressure in place. it looks like some wet weather activity could be reaching the north bay and as it is the car close to north-- lunchtime you'll see some light showers replaced by petaluma and down to mount you in fremont. your seven
5:02 am
day around the bay forecast shows cold conditions for the next few days especially in the morning. turning are attached to send we have a slight chance of rain fall and we really introduce a chance for possible wet weather as we head into the middle of next week. >> there are no hot spots for us to track as of yet. so far the conditions are pretty good. it did not have any fault advisories on any of the bridges, will start the bridge check at the bay bridge toll plaza the west bound ride is very light we are problem free as we head to the upper deck and there are no problems to report across the span. caltrain and worrell work--caltrain road workers already picked up. we are problem free with no delays or incidents reported. in your commute to the golden gate bridge 101 south bound it's easy
5:03 am
through marin county with no problems as you head south. here is a quick peace they check. we will also look to the stuffed a free win for you as well. your ride looks great and no problem for the 580. here are the south bay freeways, we are delay free for one to one and 280 and the commute direction. your north bay ride as we mentioned is an easy trip. >> darya: 5 03 a and right now and are developing story the lawyer for the when you're old oakland boy that was hit by gunfire in a shooting says the decision has been made to take the 23 month old off of life support today. the attorney says that doctors made the decision to take hiram lawrence off life-support because he has no brain activity. it is expected that he will be taken off this afternoon at around 1:00 p.m.. that decision
5:04 am
comes after the family publicly it knowledge earlier this week that they reached a crossroads about the boy's treatment at children's hospital oakland. the family is still holding out hope saying that they actually have not come to a decision. >> and on behalf of the family i want to clarify that we have not decided or agreed to remove hiram lawrence from life-support and we're asking for your continued prayers and support. we do have one more test to run in the morning, thank you. >>reporter: hiram lawrence was shot in the head on november 28th during the filming of a music video when shots rang out. six other people wounded. police detained five persons of interest but have not made any arrests. >> mark: occupy protesters are planning to disrupt the port once again. this is video from last time this happened on november 2nd.
5:05 am
organizers said that the action is partly intended to show solidarity. port of oakland officials are pleading with the occupy members not to shut down the port. >> darya: a midnight deadline has passed for our key five often protesters to move from the park but the police have not so far evicted them to protesters were arrested in early this morning after the police city block the street and refused to move, many occupy protesters have chosen to pull up stakes and leave on their own before the deadline. >> mark: dow futures are up 92 points. stocks for closing sharply yesterday in big try--a big drop in the
5:06 am
dow.hat >> mark: the big news in europe, they were unsuccessful and convincing all 27 union members to try to join the treaty to end the debt crisis committing their national budget to the european union for approval. here are some of the leaders meeting in to the late hours of the night. leaders of these 27 countries, 23 approved the treaty but there was a split between the four nations including great britain to ratify changes to the treaty. this following a marathon all-night session that ended at 5:30 a.m. local time in brussels. it is back to the drawing board
5:07 am
for a new treaty for the european union the market should be reacting positively in the united states this morning. >> darya: will be back with more in just a couple of seconds. as they live look i cannot tell you too much all i can tell you is that it is cold out there. we will be right back.
5:08 am
♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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5:10 am
>>mark: we are watching the weather. we have freezing fog this morning. watch out for freezing fog this morning. >>mark: a developing story we are following, authorities are trying to determine a motive in the fatal shooting of a virginia tech police officer. the officer has now been identified as a 39 year-old army veteran and father of five, darius crowds. he
5:11 am
joined the force it 2007, about six months after the worst him as a massacre in u.s. history. he was killed after pulling over a driver for a traffic stop. the government did walked up to that officer, ambushed him and shot and killed him. it is believed that the gunman then to his own life. >>darya: accusations of child sex abuse against former penn state assistant football coach gerry sandusky are also raising questions about whether his wife knew about this allegedly used. what'd kezar told the grand jury that doddy sandusky was home when he as a young boy was screaming for help while he says sandusky was sexually attacking him in a basement bedroom. the whites called the accusations of falls and says her husband is innocent. here, you can see sandusky arriving home
5:12 am
yesterday afternoon after he boasted to a lot of $50,000 in bail and was released from jail. sandusky faces dozens of charges stemming from what authorities say de were assaults on 10 boys and his home on the penn state property and elsewhere for some 50 years. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside of the senate say a bridge. traffic is moving smoothly, but clear.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
the >>mark: here is a live look at the golden gate. a really cold morning out there, but it is friday. let's get an update on the forecast. >>erica: clear conditions for most of the bay area. kids u.s. and catchy fog. everywhere north of the golden gate could encounter hazardous driving conditions. that will continue throughout the
5:16 am
morning. the good news is, as we head into the afternoon, a lot of sunshine and temperatures very similar to what we saw yesterday. as we head into the weekend we have a slight potential, a 20 percent chance of wet weather. class as we turn our attention to what is going on right now, a lot of locations are sitting at or below the freezing mark. in santa rosa, freezing fog earlier this morning. right at the freezing mark, out through nevada does, it looks like downtown san francisco and mountain view are the only locations holding on to the 40's. their 36 right now and half the state. as we check out the visibility chart, conditions have worsened. we could see the potential for
5:17 am
hazardous driving conditions. there is purple and pink on the screen. it does indicate a mixture of 20's and '30's. it looks like everyone else is in the blue. that could be indicating temperatures in the '40's and 50's. as we advanced the clock closer to 11:00 a.m., the blue indicates mostly everyone getting into the low 50s. at 2:00 p.m., the afternoon highs, we will start to see green in the north bay through fremont, mountain view and san jose indicating locations in the low 60s. the satellite and radar shows dry and clear conditions. the high pressure will break down. we do have the potential for wet weather as we move closer to sunday and monday. the bay area wife light rainfall. for the most part, temperatures will be sitting in the '50s. by wednesday, another storm system will be approaching with a wet weather. let's
5:18 am
get a check on traffic. >>george: good news for the drive around the bay area. we are still not tracking any hot spots. at the bay bridge, there is a report of a stall on the incline. it is westbound and blocking the right hand lanes. the traffic is having no impact on you and not likely to have an impact on the morning commute. there are no reasons to suspect that this will be out there for any length of time. good conditions here and also at the san mateo bridge. highway 92 westbound, the right side of your screen is an easy trip into foster city. still a 13 minute drive time. the golden gate bridge looks good with no fog delays or problems with light traffic in the southbound direction. a check in the east bay, there ride in alameda and contra costa county freeways, i will bring the map in and zoom in on the nimitz
5:19 am
freeway. we had word of late roadworks, there were some delays but now it is completely green indicating speeds of 50 mi. per hour or better. the south bay freeways look great with no problems or delays. a quick check in the north bay shows a little bit of slowing heading into nevada towards the 37. that will not have a much impact on your drive time. >>darya: our traffic team continues to cover your commute this morning. jackie sissel is live in oakland at northbound 880 where construction is happening. >>jackie: i am at northbound 880, traffic is
5:20 am
choked down to one lane. it is now down to one lane. they look like they are attempting to get multiple lanes open. you can see all the way over the overpass. they will have to get this done relatively soon. it looks like they're trying to beat the clock. if they do not get this done soon, we will see traffic impacted. as >>darya: jack--jackie, you have the pictures, george only has the map. >>darya: we do need this to get picked up. they need to get going with that. we will keep an eye and get back with you. >>mark: a second suspect wanted in the black friday shooting at a wal-mart in san leandro is now in custody after a six hour
5:21 am
standoff with police in oakland. he was held up inside of this house before surrendering. he was shot and wounded during the course of an attempted robbery. if the victim in the black friday shooting spoke out against st. san leandro police for making an arrest. christopher marlowe had to use a cane to walk. he was left with nerve damage and it damaged the vocal cords as a result of the shooting and spoke out about how the shooting changed his life. >> i am glad and happy to be here periods are used to be a mechanic. now, i cannot do that because i have no strength in my right arm. >>mark: his family is trying to contact a woman who helped him the night of the
5:22 am
shootings. >>darya: as prosecutors have asked a judge to send barry bonds to present. in court documents, prosecutors objected when a federal probation officer recommended probation, they asked that bonds be sentenced to 50 months in prison. the giants star was convicted in april of obstructing a grand jury investigation was an evasive answer. prosecutors accused barry bonds of lying when he denied knowingly taking performance enhancing drugs in and said that only doctors injected him. >>mark: the spca in the east bay is offering a $5,000 reward leading to the arrest of the people responsible for killing several ducks in d.c. in a park last weekend. police found seven dead birds the morning of december 3rd after receiving reports that multiple birds were shot and killed. the east bay spca chapter is offering an award to bring
5:23 am
the shooters to justice. the shooting came three weeks after eight ducks and geese were found dead at willow past are. >>darya: we are back with more on this friday morning in just a couple of minutes. another cold day out there. gunther's
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
>>mark: here is a live look at the golden gate. a freezing fog warning in the north bay. be where the--be aware of that this morning. >>darya: no charges will be filed against eight los angeles woman accused of attacking shoppers with pepper spray. here was the scene at a wal-mart store where at least 20 people including children suffered nose and throat irritation. prosecutors say there is no
5:27 am
evidence of a felony in connection with the woman the ec here. a woman who was a part of the crowd says some types of targets with need to be filed. >> i am angry. i am upset and angry. it is not right. people were crying, this one girl was yelling because of the solution working in her eyes. charges should be brought against her. >>darya: she could be charged with misdemeanors, prosecutors will have to decide whether she acted in self-defense or used the pepper spray to grab video games from other shoppers. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. a cold and foggy friday looking out of the bay right now. it looks nice.
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
>>darya: 5:29 a.m.. into the weekend we're focusing on the weather. it is another whole day out there. yoli eceves is live at the embarcadero taking a look at the bay bridge. it looks calm and denies out there but feels like a different story. >>yoli: it is very deceiving. i was just sitting in my car with the heat on full blast. this >>yoli: it is very cold this
5:31 am
morning. we have a spare the air day to day. do not burn a fire or any of that kind of stuff, you want to spare the air. >>erica: where yoli is is one of the warmest spots in the bay area. the good news is, as we head into the afternoon, a lot of sunshine. not too much in a way of cloud cover. santa rosa is below freezing.
5:32 am
sphere we saw freezing fog in the latter part of the 3:00 a.m. hour. we will monitor that drop the morning. nafta is getting very close to freezing. 32 in nevada. downtown san francisco is one of the only spots of the area holding on to the upper '40's. in the afternoon, a mixture of '50s and '60s. we are dealing with seasonably cool temperatures. sifts thought upper 50s in places like half moon bay. los '60s into the south bay. 63 on tap for those of you in santa rosa in downtown san francisco. cetus cited a 24
5:33 am
sense chances i'll let let vehicle hit the north bay. we advanced the clock closer plunge in has persisted through santa rosa, petaluma and rainfall in the south bay along the coastline as well. by 4:00 p.m. it becomes a more widespread. we could see moderate rainfall and we will continue to hold onto the wet weather to the evening and overnight. you will see this on your 7 day around the bay forecast. for the most part, temperatures will remain in the '50s with a little bit of cloud cover. as we head into the middle next week, another chance of wet weather as another storm system approaches. let's get a check on traffic with george. >>george: what looks like a minor problem averted has turned into a hot spot on the nimitz freeway in oakland. late roadwork in
5:34 am
the commute direction is blocking lanes. and jackie sissel has been on the scene. i will show you the extent of the back up. this is where the construction work is. they did have the entire freeway shut down. it opens up one lane. past the scene of the accident, it is not too bad, but take a look here and you will see the extent of the delays. there's already a backup of the nimitz northbound. it is starting to slow from 98 cabinet. this is a good morning to use interstate 580 to get around the problem. it does not look as though they are making a lot of progress. here's a look at your ride on the bay bridge. the stall that was
5:35 am
reported has not slowed the right. it looks pretty good. on the golden gate bridge, 101 coming in from marin county, you can see that here, we are problem free. >>mark: a developing story out of oakland, the lawyer for the family of 23 month old hiram lawrence that was hit by gunfire says the decision has been made to take him off of life support. craig skalar is to it as live at children's hospital in oakland with details. >>craig: the family was holding out hope that the child would survive. there was some last minute tests to show that he was brain dead. there were hoping to keep them alive until his birthday on december 28th. they will be disconnected life-support at 1:00 p.m.. here is a picture of the boy. he was killed in a shooting in west oakland on november 28th. he was one of
5:36 am
the people injured during the shooting that occurred during the filming of a rap video. there have not been any arrests made in that case that is the sadness here and oakland. they will be disconnected life- support. the family is bracing for that. kopp >>darya: occupy protesters are planning to disrupt port and shipping activities once again. this is video from the last time this happened on november 2nd. this morning, members are holding a news conference about the plan to shut down which they have scheduled for this coming monday. organizers say the action is partly intended to show solidarity.
5:37 am
he sort of oakland officials are pleading with them not to shut down the fort. >>mark: on wall street and almost 200 point drop yesterday. there was an all- night meeting of european leaders however they failed to meet a treaty after the british prime minister was one of the nation's to veto that treaty. we're watching wall street for a bit of a rebound. dow futures are up 56. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look from the roof camera in san francisco on this cold friday morning. seven
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>>darya: 5:40 a.m.. police in india say they have arrested six hospital officials in connection with a fire at the facility that killed 73 people. the officials accused the hospital staff of abandoning patients during a
5:41 am
fire that happened earlier today. six officials from the hospital have been charged with homicide. if the men were voluntarily suspended at the police station, excuse me, they surrendered at the police station. a total of 160 patients were inside at the time. the japanese prime minister is going to declare that the tsunami nuclear power plant is stable.
5:42 am
>>mark: in this 54 second video cent in november of last year, robert levenson cleats for help and says that he is not in good health. the problem with this situation is that the u.s. does not know who is holding him hostage. levenson >>stanley: says he was in our on as a private detective. >>justine: new details as a raw michelin of the u.s. drown that went down in the country. it is largely intact. the drown was captured by iranian officials while on a surveillance mission. the embarrassing mishaps put sophisticated technology in the hands of the iranians in provided public evidence that spying is going on even
5:43 am
though it has been a long suspected. pentagon officials refused to comment on the drown saying that they do not talk about classified surveillance programs. >>darya: we are taking a live look along the embarcadero in san francisco. we are waking up to another cold day to finish off this week. we will be right back.
5:44 am
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5:46 am
>>darya: here is a double live look of the san mateo bridge on the left in the golden gate on the right. it looks like we have the same cold. and the hot spots, george? >>george: we have some of the construction work that we thought would have cleared but it is really the calling of the traffic. jackie sissel is on the scene. have you observed any changes?
5:47 am
>>jackie: they have opened up the roadway but only one lane. this was over my work that was planned, they have done all kinds of construction from here all the way down to oak street. this was supposed to be over my work. only one lane is open to. it does not look like this is going to be cleared any time soon. it could be a while before we see things cleared up. there are a lot of wales that still have to be moved out of traffic. it looks like this could be your for a little while. george, that is a generous understatement. this is really a volatile and traffic in the east bay. the road sensors are showing traffic getting in to stop and go conditions on 80
5:48 am
northbound with a back up to 98 avenue. it is likely that we will see things back up all the way to to 38 or into hayward. normally, a big rigs are prohibited but that restriction has the look at this morning. interstate 580 as of yet is not showing a lot of strain but it is going to be a heavier commute than usual. if you could use 101 that will be a much better bed this morning. major problems for
5:49 am
the nimitz freeway already. on the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems westbound. the san mateo bridge commute still looks pretty good the golden gate bridge ride is still easy coming in from marin county. here's a tax on the weather. >>erica: we are seeing clear conditions and patchy fog into the north bay. temperatures have dropped as compared to our last report. it is a very frigid morning. he will definitely want to bundle up. most of the bay area is in the upper 30's and 40's. currently 34 for those of you and half moon bay. you could
5:50 am
experience hazardous driving conditions along 101. temperatures will remain in the upper 20s and low '30's. in the peninsula we should see forties and fifties. as we advance the clock to 11:00 a.m., the blue on the screen indicates most locations getting into the 50s. in the afternoon on the green begins to sell into. 60 degrees on tap for hayward. the same for fremont. upper 50s along the coastline. in the north bay,
5:51 am
once we get rid of the fall we will see a lot of sunshine. a look now at the satellite and radar, we are clear in and dry over the bay area. we have high pressure in place but we do introduced wet weather into the forecast. sunday heading into monday's overnight, and we have a spare the air de an effect. for the most part, your afternoon highs will be in the '50s and '60s. >>mark: we're getting closer to are going down to san jose. a $772 million contract for construction from the first phase of the bart extension has been approved. the extension is starting in fremont which is now the southernmost part of bart. it will extend to san
5:52 am
jose. in between would be a stop in milipitas. the project is expected to create 10,000 jobs but if the organization gets all the funding including 900 million in federal money. >>darya: a group trying to limit commercial activity at quick tower says this landmark, they are afraid will fall into disrepair. the group plans to collect more than 9000 signatures during the next two months to get an initiative on the june ballot. we are back with more in just a couple of minutes. believe it or not, the countdown to 2012 is on. kron4 has the new year's party for you to watch, it begins at 11:30 p.m. right here on kron4,
5:53 am
catherine heenan and gary radnich furious
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5:56 am
>>darya: here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. we are talking about how cold it is out there. the frost could damage plants. you may want to be careful about that. >>darya: 5:56 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
5:57 am
>>mark: and george will have the traffic impact in your morning commute coming up in a few minutes.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>darya: good morning. it is 01 minutes before 6:00 a.m.. we could be looking at a disaster for the commute. >>george: we are looking at a live picture of late construction work on the nimitz northbound a nearby street. as we learn from jackie sissel, this was a part of overnight road work that was scheduled to be kicked up by 5:00 a.m. the. they have managed to get some lanes open, but not enough to prevent a huge back up. >>darya: it is hard to see a back up in this shot.


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